There is a way to ease supply of process instruments
Imagine that you have a task to choose an instrument, e.g. a flowmeter to measure gasoline from 5000 to 20000 kg/h in 100 mm pipe.
You just enter all the data in a questionnaire form or upload an SPI file or connect via API.
Make one click.
Get a list of solutions of different types in several appropriate sizes with full model codes, detailed specifications and calculations of accuracy and pressure drop.
Do you have multiple products in your portfolio and want a single tool for their selection and sizing?

Would you like to provide sales team and customers with advice on which technology to choose?

Could the automatic quoting improve profitability of your MRO sales?
Are you selling instruments?
Do you want to find products suitable for your application in one click?

May I get 3 vendors who can do the job?

How to compare solutions by different vendors instantly and get advice on which one best meets your requirements?
Are you buying instruments?
We are a startup in the area of Industry 4.0 providing digital twins of industrial instruments and AI engineering engine to process them.

When we worked in the sales of instruments area, before the start of ControlSeek, we were asked by the customers why buying an instrument was not as easy as choosing an item on Amazon or booking a hotel via internet.

We asked ourselves and found no reasons restraining us from the implementation.

We believe that it is how Industry 4.0 should look like for instruments and try our best to deliver it.
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Feel free to contact us
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ControlSeek team

We are happy that you have interest in our product.

We know it is not perfect yet but we are working hard to make it look like you expect.

You will be granted with an access to demo version with some features and data open for you to try the technology and get ideas how it could fit to your business process.

We would appreciate if you share your feedback with us to help the improvement of the product.