Speed up supply of industrial equipment
Gain maximum efficiency in selection and trading of highly complex products with our engineering and e-commerce tools
Our solutions
Sales and marketing tools
Engineering design and procurement kit
eCatalogue widget for website
Automatic quoting
Product configurator

Automatic selection of item by design data sheet
Digital specification and verification of products
Selection of product's model code for proposal preparation
Sales team
Application scenarios
Providing customers with products' detailed features
Selection and verification of equipment for contracting
For preliminary estimation in automatic mode
Detailed specification for design stage
Engineering office
Asset management and search of replacements/substitutions
Maintenance team
Check of equipment specification and comparison with requirements
Supervisory control
Digital data ready for integration to IT systems
Get certain model codes for instant order placement
Use digital specification of a solution and data for design of adjoining disciplines
Prepare a quote automatically with full options description and specs
Effortless automatic process
Your benefits
90% reduction of man-hours
40% risk reduction in engineering errors
Full technical compliance in one go
No limits on proposal preparation and consideration amount
Shorter design, construction, and sales period
We provide easy turnkey implementation
Data sheets study
Kick-off meeting
Product category and selection scenario digital model creation
Product digital model creation
Customization of integration modules (to website or IT-systems)
A team of fundamental and sectoral experts
Why our approach is efficient
Integrated calculations, expertise and regulations consideration
Diligent examination of product data sheets
In-house data architecture and algorithm for instant processing
Considering of hundreds models and thousands options in one step
Second opinion about tech possible (extra verification by manufacturer’s engineer)
Industrial experts in engineering, process control, metrology, control systems, applied math, data science, chemistry, certification with 15+ years of broad experience
Engineering design
Our team
Of instrumentation, electrics, machinery for production units in power, refining, oil&gas, water&wastewater
Assembly and commissioning
Of engineering systems and machinery units for production facilities: Oil&gas Well Clusters, Custody Transfer Stations, Oil Treatment, CDU/VDU, Hydrotreaters, FCC, Isomerization, Blending, Lubricants production, Tank Farms, Loading terminals, Water Purification and Waste Treatment, Compressor and Pump Stations
Mathematical tools
And support for oilfield mapping, custody transfer, flow calculations, optics, compressor control
Project implementation
In Main Automation Contractor role
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