Are you selling instruments?
Is your sales team spending lots of time to make proper selection of the right technology?
E.g. Mass, DP, Vortex or Mag for flow? Ball, Gate or Globe for valve?
Are you buying instruments?
Are you tired of having to use different tools for different instruments?

Is your quote process unnecessarily complicated
and causes concerns of possible errors?

Are you unhappy with high costs of MRO sales activity?
Is waiting for response from vendors cause a bottleneck in your work process?

Do you increasingly rely on selection tools that fill the gap of real instrument know how? Are you frustrated that each tool is focused on products of a single vendor and you still have to solve which instrument best meets your requirements?

Can you finally address all your instruments needs into one format by one interface with your CAD/ERP?
Single tool for selecting, sizing and quoting all your products
Elaborates BOM for your production
Makes a quote with calculating price and lead time, provides specs for all suggested models, feeds your CRM and web-store
Considers all products and options and comes up with full model numbers of the best choice (many working principles, sizes, versions in one go)
Performs all required calculations and applies expertise (flow parameters, accuracy, metrological performance, material references, etc)
Device selection and validation with your design requirements, comparison against alternatives for engineering and procurement
An instant selection among multiple products of different makers
Accompanied with detailed specs and calculations required for validation
Results united in a convenient table with harmonized parameters for comparison
Datasets for transfer to your CAD, ERP and AMS
Please just give us some directions how we can identify you and where to forward the credentials.
ControlSeek team

We are happy that you have interest in our product.

We know it is not perfect yet but we are working hard to make it look like you expect.

You will be granted with an access to demo version with some features and data open for you to try the technology and get ideas how it could fit to your business process.

We would appreciate if you share your feedback with us to help the improvement of the product.